October 29, 2014

Why Prestwick

At Prestwick Custom Homes our commitment to quality is paramount in everything we do. Often times in the custom home builder industry builders promise that their customers receive quality service. What does that actually mean? Since 1988, Prestwick Custom Homes has developed a mindset to deliver the highest quality of craftsmanship no matter the size or scale of a project. The “Prestwick Experience” is based off of this principle.

Our commitment to quality is a self-reflection of our character.

Most of all, we take pride in our work. We believe that the custom homes and home renovations that we do are a self-reflection of our character.  As a result, you’re guaranteed to get the “Prestwick Experience” no matter the task at hand.

The mindset of delivering the highest quality of craftsmanship goes into how we execute each task on any Prestwick jobsite. These are some of the phrases you will hear:

  • “Dead on”
  • “Just a smidgen more… perfect!”
  • “Try this color”
  • “Just the way we imagined it”
  • “Exactly like the picture”
  • “We can do that”

From the design stage to actual construction we commit ourselves to the project, much as you have to your new way of life. On any Prestwick jobsite you’ll never hear the phrases:

  • “It’s close enough…”
  • “That outta do”
  • “Think they will notice?”
  • “Ehh, it should be okay”
  • “That takes too long…”
  • “I’ve never done that before”

We promise that you’ll love your Prestwick custom home or home renovation just as much as we’ll enjoy building it!

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